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Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB's

1.We strongly advice to design Tear Drop or Fillet for The trace and the pads with vias, it will improve the reliability.

2.Based on DFM, avoid design the right=angle. You can reference below design.

3.Remove the pads from the bend area, for the stiffeners, Keep more than 20mil distance to the pads.

4.Don’t design PTH in the adhesive Area.

Printed Circuit Boards

Isolated hole-NG

Isolated trace-NG

Design thieving dots in isolated area

We advice to choice High tg material :( FOR example IT180A、FR408HR、370HR、S1000-2 ....)

1)Lead free hasl

2)External layers or inner layers ≥3OZ

3)Layer counts≥12

4)Finished thickness ≥2.5mm

Back drilling design

Back drilling D≥0.4mm; PTH d≥0.2mm; D-d≥6mil; Isolated annular ring D1≥6mil; Backdrilling Depth H1≥0.2mm; (Stub)H3≤10mil(Depth≤ 2mm)

Immersion gold Requirement

Immersion gold Requirement We advice to follow Au 0.05um-0.1um, we have done test to support this suggestion