Company Profile

Withstate-of-the-art technology and experienced engineers, PP technologies designs and manufactures customized, built-to-print, performance-critical products for all sectors of the electronics industryinvolving communications, military & aerospace, industrial electronics, instrumentation and medical equipment markets.

With over 15 years of Practical experience in the industry,PP has built a network of carefully selected Manufacturing Partners in the World, becoming a preferred Suppler Per “Quality on Time” .

Technology and Engineering

As the speed and density of electronic products increasing, PP dedicates to provide engineering service based on your design from receipt of data through to the finished product, enhanced productivity, higher yields, shorter cycle times, and increased product quality.

PP strives to provide professional advice on design and make all the difference between a product meeting expectations and streamline processes at the same time. We have a senior engineering team to provide DFM( design of manufacture) in a quick response and make efficient communication with factory, ensure that your product is being designed for reliability and cost efficiency for both PCB Fabrication and Assembly. Our ongoing goal is shorten customer precious time to market for new products.

Quick quotation & Fast delivery service

In today’s dynamic global market, PP is committed to meeting our customers’ expectations and requirements through a dedication to operational excellence to achieve on-time delivery.

Quotation is always needed to feedback in a time sensitive manner for it plays a key role in choosing supplier, PP can provide quotation in 4 hours with different Lead Time.

Our quick quotation and fast delivery service assist our customers achieve the best possible time to market and competitive advantage by producing PCBs in a sustainable way.

Quality policy

To be recognized in the Electronics Industry as the provider of advanced, PP attaches great importance to the quality of products so that she spares no effort to improve process continuously to ensure our product is highly reliable defect-free, enabling us to gain the competitive edge in the global market.

Environmental Protection

PP demonstrates full responsibility in environmental practices that include recycling of waste water, reduction of hazardous waste and lead-free manufacturing.PP upholds the spirit of sustainable development, pollutionprevention,natural resource conservation, and bend herself to be your green partner.